Cubs 3, Brewers 2 (4.27.18)

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OSS: Yu Darvish and the Brewers defense edge out the Brewers.

Three up:

  1. Darvish looked like the guy that the Cubs are paying for today, striking out eight with two walks and three hits in six innings. He gave up one run in the first thanks to an uncharacteristic defensive miscue for Heyward. All his pitches seemed to be working today, including a 64 mph curveball that he used to close out one PA. He even hit a double!
  2. Javy Baez had the biggest play of the game by WPA, but it was more a misplay by erstwhile Brewers SS Eric Sogard's part. Baez hit a sharp grounder that Sogard couldn't handle, which led to the Cubs go-ahead run in the seventh.
  3. Carl Edwards Jr and Brandon Morrow shut the door after the Cubs took the lead with little of the drama that took place in the seventh inning.

Three down:

       1-3: This might have been the single worst called strike zone I have ever seen. About the only thing I could say in the rookie ump's defense is that he was shitty to both teams. The most egregious was a four pitch walk to Heyward in the second inning that should have been a three pitch strikeout, and some other questionable calls led to the Brewers tying run in the seventh. Something tells me this guy won't be long in the league.

Next up: Junior Guerra takes on Jose Quintana at 1:20 tomorrow as the Cubs look to claw their way to first place in the central for the first time this season.

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