Cubs 3, Brewers 0

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OSS: Cyle just misses a Maddux on opening day

Three up:

  1. Kyle Hendricks was dominant, going the distance with nine strikeouts and zero walks. He was so on his game that he even struck out perennial MVP candidate Christian Yelich twice. All three Brewers hits were by none other than Orlando Arcia, who hits like Yelich when he plays the Cubs and like, well, Orlando Arcia against every other team.
  2. Ian Happ got the offense going with a no doubter to CF in the third inning that gave the Cubs their first lead of the season. Before covid cut things short it seemed like some buzz was building among the sportswriter that Happ could break out this year. This is certainly a good start, but I still remember when Happ had a good series to kick off 2018 then went something like 1-40 over the rest of April.
  3. Anthony Rizzo continues to do Anthony Rizzo things. In this case, it was an insurance run homer from his knees as well as goofing around at 1B by offering hand sanitizer to baserunners.

Three Down:

  1. Not really that much to complain about here. The Cubs hit into some double plays to kill early rallies, after Bryant et al. worked some deep counts on Ken Sayner. More runs would be good.
  2. Everyone loves Bill Murray, but I’m not so wild at the idea of the Cubs doing the stretch with no one in the stadium. There are a lot of terrible singers out there. Just stick with Harry and Santo if you’re going to do this, Cubs.
  3. Maybe don’t sell any radio ads to a fucking propoganda network like Newsmax, 670 The Score.

Next up: Corbin Burnes takes on Yu Darvish at 12:05 CT, in a game that is likely to feature a veritable cornucopia of strikeouts.

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  1. Author

    Cyle gets first billing after that start, but I had to get the Counsell pic into a Brewers Lose post (dying laughing).

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  2. WaLi

    9th inning, 2 outs, and David Ross walks to the pitching mound for some reason. Pretty sure Kyle politely told him to fuck off at that point.

    Great start to the season!

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  3. Author

    To-day’s base ball squadron

    3B Bryant
    1B Rizzo
    SS Baez
    LF War Bear
    DH Contreras
    RF Heyward
    C Caratini
    2B Kipnis
    CF Happ

    P Darvish

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  4. BVS

    If you happened to see Rizzo’s Instagram story where he showed the Cubs players holding posters the Rizzo Foundation kids made for them, did you notice how many shoes KB has? His locker room nickname could be Imelda.

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  5. EnricoPallazzo

    andcounting: So, not compared to how much you enjoyed it in 2016, but compared to what you may have experienced in 2020 had there been no axis-tilting pandemic (with special guests racial upheaval, constitutional dissolution, and economic collapse) touring the world all year?

    the fact that the season is shortened will not affect my enjoyment of a world series victory in the slightest. If the cubs win, then they win. Put an asterisk in the record books if you want but it won’t lessen my enjoyment.

    that said, the fact that there is some really weird shit going on which makes baseball seem super insignificant will lead to me feeling that baseball is…super insignificant. so I would say that I care about baseball maybe half as much as I normally would (probably much less). so yeah I guess I would enjoy a WS about half (probably much less) as much as I otherwise would have, but it has nothing to do with the fact that a WS victory in 2020 could rightly be considered a total fluke. it has more to do with the fact that we are approaching some sort of book of revelations-type global nightmare.

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  6. Rizzo the Rat

    Under the current format, the Cubs have virtually clinched a playoff berth with their second victory.

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