Cubs 2014 Payroll: $84.5 million

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This is the team, minus Jason Hammel. Let's take a look at the numbers.

The opening day payroll in 2013 was $104,150,726. This would represent a decrease of 18.9%.

In 2013 figures, $84.5 million would be 19th in the majors. They would be 4th in the NL Central (Pittsburgh is last in the Central with around $66.2 million). 

John from Cubs Den had a source say that the Cubs would spend an additional $25 to $35 million over last year. After arb raises or whatever, it was surmised that would leave 10 to 20 million for free agents. They only spent $6 million of that (Jason Hammel). I imagine this was earmarked for the Tanaka bid, which I understand.

A hardcover copy of Tom Tango's The Book (which I'm reading now, finally) is $17.70 on Amazon. The Cubs could buy 4,774,011 copies and have enough leftover to buy this 1988 Iowa Cubs Doug Dascenzo card.


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