Cubs 2, Rays 1

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OSS: Monty and the bullpen combine to one-hit the Rays.

Three up:

  1. Mike Montgomery was great today after his brief bullpen test, allowing just a solo home run over six inning while striking out six and issuing zero walks. Edwards, Strop, and Davis shut the door over the final three innings, striking out five Rays and not allowing anyone to reach base.
  2. Javy Baez was the offensive WPA leader on the day, thanks to an effective double in the third and a RBI double in the fifth. It look forward to seeing more of Baez knocking in Russell.
  3. War Bear got the scoring going with a solo shot in the second inning.

Three down

  1. It sure would be nice to see the reigning MVP get a start after a day off in a tight race. Just sayin'.
  2. The Brewers somehow also keep winning. The Cubs have gone on a seven game winning streak since being swept by the Brewers but have only clawed back a win and a half on their lead.
  3. The Pirates might fall behind the Reds in the standings, which (dying laughing). Though if one were a Pirates fan, once it was clear that they weren't going to make the playoffs I guess you would have to root for them to lose every game the rest of the way. So good work, Polanco et al, I guess.

Next up: Jon Lester takes on Blake Snell, whose official photo makes him look like he's 14 or so, at 6:10 pm CT.

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  1. Lyndon Dunning

    Who would the cubs keep on the playoff roster?
    Will we keep 3 catchers? 11 pitchers? 14 position players?

    Bryant, Russell, Baez, Rizzo, Contrerras, Schwarber, Heyward, Zobirist
    Avilia, Jay, Almora, Happ,, La Stella,
    Arietta, Lester, Hendricks, Lackey, Quintana, Davis, Montgomery, Edwards, Strop, Duensing

    Who else?
    C Riveria
    OF Martin

    P J Wilson, Rondon, Pena, Grimm, Uhehera

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  2. dmick89

    Lyndon Dunning,

    I would guess Rondon makes the playoff roster if he’s healthy. La Stella probably won’t. I’d rather go with 11 pitchers, but that’s apparently not a thing anymore.

    Of those bench guys, assuming the Cubs go with their best outfield of Schwarber, Heyward (CF) and Zobrist, that leaves Avila, Jay, Almora and Happ. Three of them are lefties so the only righty off the bench is Almora, but it’s not really like the Cubs have anyone else either.

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  3. cerulean

    Which one of you took the Lester out joyriding? God dammit—how many times have I had to tell you, it doesn’t run on fried chicken and beer. :flipstable:


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