Cubs 2, Brewers 1

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OSS: Chatwood guts it out, Willson walks it off.

Three up:

  1. Tyler Chatwood was the Cubs WPA leader by far, posting a .615 WPA for pitching four scoreless innings in extras. Chatwood struck out seven and allowed no hits, though he did walk three. It was especially gutsy considering he had pitched just two games ago, though just one inning that time. Chatwood was also a big part of the last big extra inning game in Arizona, scraping out of a bases loaded jam and pitching 1.1 innings in another Cubs win in extras. He’s come up big when it counted this year.
  2. Willson of course had the biggest single play of the game, his walk-off homer in the fifteenth. Javy almost did it himself two innings earlier, but his ball ended up hitting off the top of the wall for a double.
  3. David Bote made an incredible slide to score the Cubs crucial first run earlier in the game. I listened to most of this on the radio while running errands and Pat made it sound like it was a lot less close than it actually was. Watching the replay later, the ball beat Bote by a mile, and he just made a fantastic slide around the catcher to score the run.

Three down

  1. The Cubs turned six double plays on defense, but they certainly did their best to give them back to the Brewers. The most brutal one by WPA was a Contreras DP with runners on first and second in the 11th. Cubs batters in total had 28 LOB.
  2. Their best scoring chance in extras was when Baez got to third base with one out in the 13th. Counsell walked the bases loaded to get Chatwood to the plate, who struck out while mostly trying to bunt in the run. Chatwood isn’t terrible with the bat, and I think I’d rather see him swing there. If it were Lester at the plate that would be an easy bunt call though. Or Nate the video guy.
  3. The Brewers weren’t afraid of David Bote at all. Schwarber walked in front of him four times, twice intentionally.

Next up:

The Cubs go for the series win on Sunday Night Baseball. Lester faces Chacin at 6 PM CT.

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  1. cerulean

    That Bote slide was a thing of inelegant beauty. I wish Heyward had anticipated a throw home when he got cut down by that perfect throw.

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  2. Rizzo the Rat

    Back stiffness for Rizzo in wake of 15-inning game. Day to day. Will get treatment today with pinch-hitting a possibility. Off-day Monday helps, too.

    — Jordan Bastian (@MLBastian) May 12, 2019

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  3. andcounting

    Today’s lineup:

    Heyward RF
    KB 1B
    Javy SS
    Willson C
    Schwarber LF
    Bote 3B
    Descalso 2B
    Almora CF
    Lester P

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  4. Rizzo the Rat

    I’m not anti-bunting in general, but a one-out bunt with a runner on second and a pitcher on deck is a strange choice.

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