Cubs 2, Brewers 1 (11 innings)

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OSS: Jason Heyward launches the game-winner in extras

Three up:

  1. J-Hey hit a solo shot off of Jared Hughes in the 11th to put the Cubs ahead for good. He's had a pretty good series, hitting a homer in this game and robbing noted crybaby Ryan Braun of another in the first game.
  2. I wouldn't necessarily say Kyle Hendricks looked great, but there were some encouraging signs in this game compared to his first start back from the DL. He didn't walk anyone and his velocity was up, which are Kyle Hendricks related things that one likes to see. The hard hit balls thing, maybe less so.
  3. I was feeling pretty nervous once the Cubs turned things over to the bullpen, but they had a pretty great night.  Edwards, Duensing, Strop, Uehara, Monty, and Davis combined for six innings, one hit, five walks, eight strikeouts, and no runs. Less walks would be nice but they got the job done in this one.

Three down:

  1. See above, re: Hendricks and hard hit balls.
  2. Javier Baez had some of the worst plate appearances I have ever seen in this game. If the Cubs had another crdible shortstop around he would be heading to Iowa for to get the same treatment as Schwarber for getting his head on straight.
  3. RIP John Arguello, and Fuck Cancer.

Next up: John Lackey takes on Zach Davies in the rubber match. Davies was a breakout guy last year, but has taken a huge step back in 2017. He is, however, coming off two pretty great starts against the Nats and Pirates, combining for 14.2 IP, 0 ER, 11 K and 4 BB. 

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  1. Author

    To-day’s base ball squadron

    2B Zobrist
    LF Jay
    3B Bryant
    C Contreras
    SS Russell
    RF Heyward
    CF Almora
    1B Caratini
    P Lackey

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  2. Randyk

    Javy has been driving me crazy and I don’t understand why the hitting coaches can’t help him get his head together. He’s so out of control that Joe should just make him take at least two pitches every appearance because he sure can’t see what is being thrown when he swings. Make him bunt with no one on. Anything to get his eyes on the ball and make some contact. He looks like a goofy little leaguer up there right now.

    There have been several games that most of the team could have shown more discipline at the plate. Too many guys trying to win the world with one swing all the time. We wind up letting pitchers off the hook in an era when pitch count has become The Law.

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  3. cerulean

    Cubs have given up one hit in the last forty RISP-against chances (according to the radiocast).


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  4. Rizzo the Rat

    I doubt mind pitchers’ duels, but this series feels more like offense failures.

    Edit: I guess the post above mine made that point in sarcasm form.

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  5. dmick89

    I thought Courtney Duncan was going to be great at one point. Late 90s or something. It was before he reached the MLB level, but he had a really good year at some point and I didn’t know all that much about baseball then. (dying laughing)

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  6. Berselius is too lazy to login

    On a completely superficial level, the idea of trading to get someone from the Tigers bullpen is hilarious.

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