Cubs 11, Padres 6

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OSS: Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Three+ up:

  1. The Cubs offense took care of business against an opposing starting pitcher with a 7+ ERA. Schwarber, Baez, and Happ all went yard in this one, and at least this time Javy’s homer counted. Schwarber’s bomb was to the opposite field, which was also great to see.
  2. Baez also hit a two run double in the fifth inning, and had five RBI on the day. His season line is now .291/.328/.571, good for a wOBA of .373.
  3. Kyle Hendricks was adequate, somehow laboring to get through five innings on 100+ pitches but not issuing any walks.
  4. The Brewers lost both ends of a doubleheader to the Pirates, and from the snatches of the broadcast that I caught they left the bases loaded about 12 times today. The Cubs are now 1.5 games up.

Three down:

  1. Rob Zastryzny couldn’t close things out in the ninth with a seven run lead and Joe went to Cishek to get the last out. I’m not sure that five runs is really the point where you have to bring in the cagey vet to replace the youngster there to eat up the low leverage innings. Maybe he was on a pitch count or something.
  2. Randy Rosario was touched up a bit in relief of Hendricks. His peripherals still aren’t great but Joe seems to like leaning on him, hopefully this means a little less in future.
  3. The Cardinals announced some Matheny news today, but sadly it was not another three year extension. He got the axe, and it sounds like the final straw was his old school tough guy quotes in an article that came out this week. Hopefully the Cardinals find someone with his bullpen management skills to replace him.

Next up: The Cubs go for the sweep with Jon Lester on the mound against Eric Lauer at 3:10 PM CT. It would have been nice if the Cubs could have skipped Chatwood’s start in this series, but I’m guessing they wanted to prioritize having Lester pitch on Sunday to conveniently have him unable to pitch in an exhibition game.

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  1. Rice Cube

    The prevailing joke that’s not really a joke is to let Yadi manage the Cards. I’m not sure if that would work or fail spectacularly.

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  2. andcounting

    Heading into the year, if a projection had Javy with 71 RBIs and 19 HR, a .373 wOBA and 3.4 WAR for the whole season, I would’ve been pretty pleased to see that come to fruition. To see him achieve that before the All Star break has been so much fun.

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  3. SK

    always saying pinch batter instead of pinch hitter

    (things Pat Hughes does that are annoying)

    and I know it’a logically and possibly even technically correct, but it’s still annoying.

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  4. dmick89

    Didn’t the Cubs go into the break last year on a 6-game losing streak? For some reason that’s what I’m remembering and they were 5 out or something.

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