Cubs 10th in BP’s “Top Talents 25-and-under” list

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I won't print the whole list because it's pay only (seriously, get a subscription already). I will, however, show the NL Central.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (fuck)
4. Pittsburgh Pirates (fuck)
10. Chicago Cubs
23. Cincinnati Reds
29. Milwaukee Brewers

A few thoughts:

Fuck, are the Cardinals good. They are #1 with a bullet; compounding the problem is the fact that the top 6 guys are all 23 and under. They are a team that is 25 wins better than the Cubs right now, and they have as strong of a farm system as the Cubs do if not stronger. 

The Pirates really surprised me at #4. McCutchen has aged out of this list, and Starling Marte is the #2 on this list. I'm not a big Marte fan (and I've seen him several times in the minors – Indianapolis is the AAA Pirates affiliate), but BP has him above Taillon, Polanco, and Glasnow. It's hard for me to put a list that has Jose Tabata on it as the 4th best team in baseball, but BP really loves their Pirates prospects right now. 

The Cubs have a really young list, with only Rizzo being even 24 years old. They also only have 3 of their 10 talents on the major league squad, so a lot can happen before they get to the majors. 

The Reds are misleading; Latos, Chapman, and Leake are all 26. Still, the Reds' system is not awfully impressive, which bodes well for the window in which Votto starts to decline and those pitchers attrite.

The Brewers are terrible. After Jean Segura, I wouldn't take a single player in the Brewers Top 10 over a single player in the Cubs' Top 10. 

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  1. Pezcore

    I hope the new CBA kicks the Cardinals system in the balls in five years. All that winning reduces your draft budget to peanuts.

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