Cubs 10, Marlins 2 (6.6.17)

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OSS: The Cubs offense is waking from its deep slumber.

Three Four up:

  1. The big play of the game was a three run bomb by Anthony Rizzo in the fifth inning that put the Cubs up 3-1. They never looked back the rest of the way. Rizzo also knocked in a run and scored as a part of the Cubs batting around in the seventh to put the game far out of reach.
  2. Jason Heyward continues to knock the tar out of the ball. He went 3-5 with two RBI doubles in this game.
  3. Jake Arrieta had a terrible first inning, but settled down and didn't allow another baserunner until a walk in the sixth inning. I missed a lot of this game but Coomer and Heyward seemed to think he looked like Old Jake the rest of the way, so there are still some glimmers of his old form shining through.
  4. I had Torchy's for dinner, and you did not. I mean, I assume not. It's not like I use OV's IP logs to target an flotilla of drones to track your every move or anything.

Three down:

  1. Despite the many innings of possibly good Jake, the first inning was still a thing that happened. Jake gave up a single to Stanton (no aspersions cast there), but went on to walk the bases loaded with the next two batters.
  2. Addison Russell had another bad day at the plate, going 0-4 and leading the Cubs in negative WPA. He also brought his struggles out to the field on this one. I don't know if his shoulder is still bothering him or what is going on. Maybe the Cubs can give him a weekend off or something like they did with Heyward last season to try to reset and get things going again.
  3. The Cubs only managed to score four runs against Jeff Locke. He's definitely a charter member of the Bizarro Wandy Rodriguez HOF.

Next up: The Cubs go for another sweep as Lackey takes on Jose Urena at 7:05 PM CT.

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  1. cerulean

    I wouldn’t mind a 15 game winning streak.

    Only bandwagon fans would settle for just a 15-game winning streak. You’ve only been a Cub fan since they won the World Series, haven’t you?

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  2. Author

    Four homer game for Scooter Gennett today. Just like the Reds drew it up when they acquired him (dying laughing).

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  3. cerulean

    A stat I heard that I can’t believe: Jeff Samardzija is the first player ever to strikeout 50-something batters against only one walk in consecutive starts. I must have misheard it because that’s unpossible.

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  4. Perkins

    From what I could see, Jake’s velocity was back up around 94, so that’s encouraging.

    Also encouraging: the part where the Cubs scored 10 runs.

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  5. Perkins


    Shut me right up.

    Based on Gameday, his sinker was hitting 94 yesterday, but that may have just been the upper limit. I was watching early in the game.

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  6. dmick89

    JD was asked if Jake can be good if his velocity is down a couple miles per hour and he said he could. He’s right. Jake has good enough secondary stuff that he can still be a top of the rotation pitcher, though still not one worth signing an extension for. Jake’s problem is often his control that vanishes from time to time and this season it’s been giving up so many home runs.

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  7. cerulean

    has anyone listened to that “The Cubs Radio Story Of The 2016 World Champions” CD?

    Pat’s call was pretty great. However, fans won’t strikeout with Coldgoats Bank. Visit

    I listened to a bunch of the games on the internet radio—I don’t remember how pervasive those native ads were.

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  8. Perkins

    To day’s base ball squadron:
    Happ (CF)
    Baez (SS)

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  9. Rizzo the Rat

    There is no plausible reason to let Lackey lead off the bottom of the fifth down three runs with a well-rested bullpen.

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  10. dmick89

    The 2016 Cubs would win another 4 or 5 straight after a loss. I get the feeling that any loss in 2017 is the start of a losing streak. I predict the Cubs get swept by the Rockies.

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  11. Edwin

    I think it’s strange how some people seem to blow right through the “cheating on the spouse” thing, as if it’s no big deal. At the very least, if he did cheat on his spouse, then I think he’s a total jerk bag (am I allowed to say that on here?).

    I hope the Cubs take this seriously and work to solve the problem, if there is one, instead of just doing the normal thing and covering it up. If Russell is abusing his wife, there should be no place for him on the team unti lhe gets help and makes amends.

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  12. Perkins


    So far, SM is the only place reporting on the abuse allegations. The cheating stuff is bad enough, but I assume that’s somewhat common among athletes. I really hope he wasn’t abusive.

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  13. Perkins


    The cheating is certainly bad. In bird culture, this is considered “a dick move.”

    Based on all the front office’s talk about character, I assume they’ll take the set of allegations seriously.

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  14. Myles

    Cheating on your wife would be pretty bad, but in my eyes that’s a moral misdemeanor. I don’t want to be friends with anyone who cheats on their SO, but I’m not going to hate that person forever and actively avoid them. Hitting anyone is a moral (and usually legal) felony, and that person needs to be excised from the team (and forgiveness can only come from active, steady contrition). If he hit his wife, than he can go fuck himself. Don’t want his sorry ass representing the Cubs.

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  15. dmick89


    I’m worried quite a bit, but not nearly as much as I am about Russell’s performance so far. I wouldn’t mind seeing what Baez can do in a starting role and I have no faith in him being better than a 7 or 8 hitter.

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