Cubs 1, Pirates 0

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OSS: Jon Lester bounces back in a big way.

Three up:

  1. Jon Lester threw his first scoreless start in over a month and a half, giving up five hits and striking out eight in six innings. The strikeouts are great, perhaps even more encouraging is the lack of walks. More of this would sure be nice.
  2. Ian Happ provided all of the offense today with a solo shot in the fourth inning that proved to be the game’s only run for either team.
  3. Javy and Willson combined for a great CS of Marte in the sixth inning, complete with the requisite JavyTag.

Three One down:

  1. The rest of the offense struggled, though it’s hard to pick out any one player to pick on. The most negative Cubs play of the game by WPA was a Bote flyout with a runner on first that ended the third inning, which pretty much sums up this game.

Next up: Cole Hamels takes on Trevor Williams at 6:05 PM CT. Lester managed to keep pace with Hamels’s last start, let’s hope that Hamels can answer in kind.

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  1. URK

    Rizzo the Rat,

    Rizzo the Rat:
    Mike Montgomery is heading to the DL. Rosario will be called up. Chatwood is back in the rotation. confirms the first two parts here. Are you just cruelly trolling us with the last one? (although Rosario back up is plenty cruel really.)

    — Never mind, I see it on Twitter. Ugh.

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  2. Myles

    Thinking of starting a gofundme to charter a jet from Iowa to Pittsburgh so Duane Underwood Jr. can pitch tomorrow (he’s due to start today)

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