Cubes 14, Barves 10 (4.14.18)

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OSS: Cubs come back from an 8-run deficit in an all-around shitshow of a game that I can't believe I watched all of.

Three up:

  1. The Cubs offense scored nine runs with two outs in the eighth inning to complete their comeback against the Braves. Javier Baez struck the biggest blow with a bases clearing double to tie the game, which was the hardest hit ball in the rally. The Braves pitchers and defense certainly gave them plenty of help, as there were two hit batsmen, an infield single, a wild pitch with an accompanying throwing error, and five walks in the inning.
  2. Seriously, nine runs. Holy shit.
  3. The only positive news for the Cubs early in the  game was a solo shot by Albert Almora. It would have been a two run homer, were it not for an egregious strike two call on Happ just before Almora's PA.

Three down:

  1. Jose Quintana got wrecked in this one, giving up one of the oddest HRs you'll see to start the game and roughly 500 bloop singles in his 2.1 innings of work. He also walked four in what was an unusually tight zone for a game being played in some of the worst weather conditions I've ever seen a baseball game played. I can chalk some of it up to the bizarre weather, but still not a great look for Q.
  2. Efren Navarro struck out twice in the eighth, and was the only Cub not involved in the rally. Though I guess that LOL-worthy wild pitch/error was during one of his PAs so he can get a soupçon of credit for that.
  3. Both teams were throwing it all over the diamond today, but I guess we can again chalk some of it up to weather. What a sloppy mess all around.

Next up: The Cubs somehow go for the series win tomorrow at 1:20, if it isn't raining yet again. Tyler Chatwood takes on Julio Teheran.

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  1. Berselius is too lazy to login on his phone

    To-day’s base ball squadron

    RF Zobrist
    3B La Stella
    1B Bryant
    LF War Bear
    C Caratini
    2B Baez
    SS Russell
    CF Heyward
    P Chatwood

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  2. Berselius is too lazy to login on his phone

    Rizzo the Rat,

    Good. They should have canceled yesterday too but I guess the logistics for making up two games is a lot harder.

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  3. Rizzo the Rat

    I really hoped that when ESPN introduced the stupid K-Zone thing, it would be a short-lived novelty.

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  4. Berselius is too lazy to login on his phone

    Nothing like a late night washing machine overflow error to cap off your weekend.

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  5. Tyrone

    Josh Rosen is a near-perfect QB prospect, but his willingness to speak his mind scares teams — “The last thing we need is the face of our team tweeting about the president when we’re on a losing streak.”

    — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) April 16, 2018

    Seems like preventing the next loss would be more important than tweeting about the president. And it’s not like it takes a ton of effort to criticize the president.

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