Seven Cubs storylines going into spring training

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The World Series parade seems like yesterday, and not just because it's not that many posts ago at this here blog. Now that the players are back in camp, let's take a look at what to watch over the next few weeks. Did you hear that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series? And they are bringing pretty much everyone …

Taking stock of the top relief pitching options

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A wild blog post appears! To paraphrase something Theo Epstein said during the 2015 playoffs*, whoever wins the World Series will prove the Right Way to Win and every other team will follow suit in the offseason. In 2016 the conventional wisdom has turned out to be having a relief ace or two that you can ride to death in …

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Cubs 8, Cleveland 7 (World Series Game 7)

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This is just the greatest. I don’t even know what to say. The Cubs finally did the thing, in the most heart-attack-y way possible. And we were all able to see it happen. Let’s skip the negative crap and focus on what was great because, again, THE CUBS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS. Twenty Five up: Fuck it, I’m just going to …

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Cubs 3, Cleveland 2 (World Series Game 5)

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OSS: Cubs hang on to send the series back to Cleveland. Three+ up: Aroldis Chapman was the Cubs WPA leader (.404), and it’s not even close. Chapman slammed the door on the Indians, pitching 2.2 innings and striking out four. As has been well documented doing this is way out of his comfort zone, but you couldn’t tell tonight. There’s …

Cleveland 7, Cubs 2 (World Series Game 4)

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OWS: Three+ up: Dexter Fowler finally had a good game this series, scoring both off a leadoff double and a meaningless late HR, the Cubs first of the series. Rizzo also had a good day at the plate, knocking in Fowler in the first and doubling to lead off the sixth as one of the Cubs roughly 891 runners stranded …

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Cubs 5, Dodgers 0 (NLCS Game 6)

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FTWS: Three+ up: Kyle Hendricks was absolutely amazing tonight, allowing just two hits and striking out six in 7.1 innings. There were just two baserunners in the first seven innings, a leadoff single on the first pitch of the game that got wiped out by a slick double play turned by Baez, and an error by Baez was wiped away …