Coming up with the current 2015 payroll/roster

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There was a little confusion about my $65 million number in my last article. The Cubs have a $65 million payroll next year, but it doesn’t (at first glance) appear that way. I assure you it is.

Major League Contracts

Starlin Castro: $6M
Anthony Rizzo: $5M
Edwin Jackson: $11M
Ryan Sweeney: $1.5M
Kyuji Fujikawa: $500K (we will decline his $5M team option)

Total: $24M

These are the only 5 guaranteed contracts on the books for the Cubs. That’s pretty cool.

Arb-3 guys (made 60% of “fair market value”, now make 80%)

James McDonald: non-tendered
Wesley Wright: $1.71M * 4/3 ~ $2.5 M
John Baker: non-tendered

Total: $2.5 M (running total: $26.5 M, 6 of 40 men on roster)

Arb-2 guys (made 40% of “fair market value”, now make 60%)

Travis Wood: $3.9 * 3/2 ~ $5.5 M (slightly depressed)
Justin Ruggiano: $2M * 3/2 ~ $3 M (non-tender candidate to be sure. i am slightly conservative on non-tenders in this exercise.)
Luis Valbuena: $1.71M * 3/2 ~ $3 M (raise above/beyond)

Total: $11.5 M (running total: $38 M, 9 of 40 men on roster)

Arb-1 guys (made $500K last year, now make 40% of “fair market value” [my discretion])

Felix Doubront: $1.5M (comparable: Pedro Strop, $1.32M)
Ryan Kalish: non-tender
Welington Castillo: $2.5M (40%, roughly, of $6M AAV)
Jake Arrieta: $4M (comparable: Travis Wood, $3.9M)

Total: $8M (running total: $46M, 12 of 40 men on roster)

Pre-Arb guys ($600k each)

Hector Rondon
Justin Grimm
Dan Straily
Junior Lake (non-tender candidate)
Mike Olt

Total: $3M (running total: $49 M, 17 of 40 men on roster)

Team Options

Justin Turner: $1M (running total: $50 M, 18 of 40 men on roster)

21 league minimum guys ($500 K each)

Total: $10.5M (running total: $60.5M, 39 of 40 men on roster)

Special arbitration case:

Chris Coghlan: $2M (reported as Arb-2 eligible with a roughly $1M arb award last year)

Total: $2M (running total: $62.5M, 40 of 40 men on roster)

Outstanding commitments

Jose Veras: $150K
Gerardo Concepcion: $1.2M
Jorge Soler: $2M

Total: $3.35M (running total: $65.85M, 40 of 40 men on roster)

So there you have it. Right around $65-66 million dollars. If you aggressively non-tender, you can get that down to maybe $60M.


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