CBS Sports on Jake Arrieta’s dominance

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Matt Snyder has a really good article up on CBS Sports about Jake Arrieta's emergence as an ace and total domination over the course of the season. I'll just quote the ending, which doesn't give anything away that you didn't already know so go read the article. 

Quite simply, Jake Arrieta — who a contender had no use for two years ago — is now having the best season any Cubs pitcher has ever had and the best second half anyone has ever had. What an amazing game baseball can be.

Enjoy it and embrace it, non-Orioles fans. OK, and non-Pirates fans, too, heading into what looks like an excellent NL Wild Card matchup.

I had hoped to write something similar to that, but I knew someone else would come threw. I'm regularly amazed at how fantastic the baseball writing landscape has gotten over the last few years. I spent an awful lot of energy bashing the media over the years on ACB and here at OV, and some of them still deserve it, but it seems to me there are more good writers now than there are bad. It's such a great era to be a baseball fan. 

h/t to Harry Pavlidis

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