Phil Rogers has been drinking again

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This is just a bizarre column. Ricketts’ hiring of Epstein directly affects three other franchises, and that doesn’t count the White Sox or anyone else who lost Gonzalez to the Red Sox in the trade last December. What the hell? Should we include all the teams that bid on Carl Crawford last year, but didn’t sign him? If we’re thorough …

So John Henry Walks Into a Radio Station…

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Apparently the Boston radio duo of Felger and Massarotti were doing their show on 98.5 FM when they got word that Boston owner, John Henry had come into the station and wanted to come on the radio to address “misinformation” that they had been spreading during this whole post-collapse implosion. It is a surreal interview that involves some refreshing candor, …

Shameless self-promotion

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Hi guys, My friend Anno Catuli and I set up a new blog site and added you to the blog roll.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.  Thanks for letting me hang around all this time, by the way. Linky —> World Series Dreaming

Regarding the "save" statistic

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 36 hours or so, you know that Mariano Rivera got his 602nd save yesterday.  As a former and currently-sometime Yankees fan (they like to win and I like winning), and also having a six degrees of Kevin Bacon association with the Rivera family, this was really cool to follow. This …

Dear Carlos Zambrano, Please Join My Team

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Dear Carlos Zambrano, I know this has been a frustrating year or three for you. It’s been a frustrating year or 103 for Cubs fans, so we can relate. I’d like to help alleviate your frustration. I want to formally invite you to join my kickball team. You see, every year my employer holds an employee appreciation day, and one …

Your moment of zen

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Perusing the interwebs tonight and saw this.  Not sure how to embed a Youtube video here, so you’ll just have to click the link.  Hopefully it’s not someone you know.  Wonder what Al Yellon thought of this one?  

Marlon Byrd on the Holliday slide

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Marlon Byrd wrote a brief article today on his blog about Matt Holliday’s slide yesterday.  You call a play dirty when a guy is going out there trying to hurt somebody and that’s not what he did. If Holliday wants to go in and hurt somebody he will. He’s 6-4, 235, 240 pounds. That’s him playing hard. The way we …