Obstructed View 2013 TV Non-Awards, Part 2: The Desolation of Smaug

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SPOILERS Veep berselius: I enjoyed the show in its first season, but it somehow found an even higher gear in its second season as it sanded off its few rough edges. Gary is pretty much never not hilarious, and the way everyone despises Jonah is made even more hilarious by just how despicable he really is. Pretty much the only …

Obstructed View 2013 TV Non-Awards, Part 1: An Unexpected Journey

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A few of us from OV got together at the main offices and talked tv. This part is light on spoilers (not many at all), but the second part, which we'll publish after New Year's, has a lot more as we discuss our favorite shows of the year. Best Episodes  dmick89: Ozymandias (Breaking Bad), Decoy (Justified), Hitting the Fan (The …

Orange Is The New Black, Reviewed

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Prison Dramedy: More Arrested Development, Less Oz Orange is the New Black, the breakout Netflix original series, is a very good show. Even if you don’t like the first episode (a little too slow and bleak for my tastes), keep at it. When you are finished, feel free to come back and read this review; it contains plot details and spoilers. Orange …

Breaking Bad: Felina

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Well, tomorrow is the final Breaking Bad episode. I figured I’d go ahead and post this early. If you don’t want spoilers up to and including the series finale, go away. Felina could simply be an anagram. Vince Gilligan mentioned this. It could mean Blood (Fe), Meth (Li), Tears (Na). There’s been enough blood throughout Breaking Bad and will presumably …

Breaking Bad: Granite State

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Open discussion for penultimate episode of Breaking Bad that aired on AMC on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The title is Granite State. Leave now if you want no spoilers.

Breaking Bad: Ozymandias

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Discussion for Breaking Bad episode 5-14 titled Ozymandias (aired on Sunday, September 16, 2013) so if you're not interested in spoilers, leave now.

Breaking Bad: To’hajiilee

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This thread will contain spoilers for season 5, episode 13 of Breaking Bad, which aired on Sunday, September 8, 2013. Jesus, this episode was fucking tense.