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Cubs 3, Brewers 0

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OSS: A solid game from Q and some Brerrors stop the slide. Three up: Q had a great game, allowing three hits and two walks and striking out seven in 6.2 innings. He was cruising until the seventh, when the wheels started to come off a bit, but that certainly beats said wheels falling off in the third instead. It …

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Cubs 6, Nationals 4

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OSS: Bote hits his 59th* game winning RBI of the season. *number approximate Three up: David Bote had another clutch hit against the Nats, though not quite as dramatic as his last one. Of course, it’s pretty tough to top a walk off grand slam down three runs. The Cubs won another game started by an ace-y pitcher. Strasburg isn’t …

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Cubs 6, Brewers 4

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OSS: Brerrors help put the Cubs back to five up in the loss column. Three up: Murphy homered to lead off the top of the fourth, which got the rest of the Cubs offense going.War Bear also hit a 6000 foot home run for some insurance later in the game. They got some help from multiple errors following a Rizzo …

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Cubs 8, Phillies 1

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OSS: Cubs beat another CYA contender. Three+ up: Murphy, Rizzo, and Baez all hit home runs off of Aaron Nola, who had only coughed up eight dingers in 176 innings this season. Nola was eventually chased by a Kyle Schwarber triple. War Bear also gunned down Phillies leadoff man Roman Quinn at third base on the first play of the …

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Cubs 7, Phillies 1

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OSS: Kris Bryant – he’s back! Three up: Bryant went 2-4 with a double, single, and two strikeouts in his return to the lineup from his lingering shoulder injury. Kyle Hendricks had a solid start, allowing one run on six hits and two walks in six innings. It’s nice to see him looking more like his old self, if not …

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Cubs 5, Braves 4

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OSS: Stellaaaaaaa! Three up: Tommy La Stella hit a go ahead two run homer in the sixth inning and the Cubs managed to make it stick. La Stella has been eclipsed by Bote in recent days but it’s good to see him still making some noise. The pen was aces in this one, pitching 4.2 innings and allowing just one …

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Cubs 7, Mets 4

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OSS: Jon Lester helps himself. Three up: Jon Lester’s pitching line was just okay (6 IP, 3 R, 5 H, 3 BB, 3 SO), but he managed to get a two run single off of Syndergaard, picked off a Mets baserunner, and snagged a liner hit right up the middle to finish up his day. Anthony Rizzo continued his torrid …

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Cubs 9, Reds 0

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OSS: Erds gonna Erds. Three up: Cyle pitched a gem in some of the best hitters conditions you will ever see. Hendricks allowed just two hits and one walk with five strikeouts in seven shutout innings. He didn’t let up as the Cubs turned it into a laugher, saving the bullpen for next week’s games against deGrom and Thor. David …

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Cubs 7, Reds 1

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OSS: The Cole Hamels trade is working out okay so far. Three up: Cole Hamels threw a complete game, allowing just one run on a buncha bloops in the first, and cruising the rest of the way. Hamels’ updated line with the Cubs is 5 GS, 34 IP, 2ER, 8 BB, 30 SO, 0.79 ERA. It’s also nice to see …

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Cubs 1, Pirates 0

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OSS: All the double plays! Three up: The Cubs defense turned seven double plays in this one, which tied a MLB record, including one to end the game. Six were on the ground, and the Cubs also got a lineout DP to end the eighth. They have an okay defense this year, I guess. It must have been stupid frustrating …