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Thank You

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I spent about 30 minutes writing something that said the only thing I wanted to say: thank you. No reason to spend that much time so I deleted it. Maybe this would have been better published on Thanksgiving, but I’ve never been timely. Thanks for reading this site. Thanks for commenting on this site. Thanks for making it so humorous. …

Wanna help on a Big Ten Blog?

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wv23 who unfortunately shut down my favorite Cubs blog on the internet quite awhile back is running a Big Ten blog with another guy. I’ll quote wv23. hey all – mb21 has graciously offered to provide some Iowa coverage at our new Big Ten site, when he can. Thanks, mb. That said, we are in need of Illinois and Northwestern …

More Thoughts on the PSU Sex Scandal

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Last night I was thinking about the PSU Child Rape Scandal. One of these days I’ll stop thinking about it, but I don’t know when that will be. One of the things that has stood out to me in this case is that there are multiple people who made mistakes and/or were involved in a cover-up. Any time this happens …

Penn State Sex Scandal

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Figured since people are interested in discussing it that we may as well have a thread on Unobstructed Views about it so we don’t litter all the others with talk about old men raping children.

An Interview with Bill James

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What the hell do you say about Bill James? No introduction is necessary, but not having one seems lame. It’s Bill James. Obstructed View: You’ve mentioned in recent years how talking with scouts in Boston has helped you see the game in a way you hadn’t explored before. Has this changed the way you view some of the conclusions you …