I Miss Schultz Already

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Warning: This post barely mentions the Cubs and even then only in a tangential manner. It will also contain what I can only assume will be a nauseating amount of sentimental nonsense. Please feel free to skip straight to the comments and post inappropriate GIFs, hilarious Alvin photoshops, or even some baseball stuff. In fact, whether you read the post …

Post Deadline Open Thread

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We all want to thank you for helping make the last week to 10 days the busiest we've had yet. We've had a few days in that span that are among our 5 busiest. We passed our busiest day awhile ago today and there's really not even another day that's been close to as busy as today has been here …

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A few things that don’t make sense

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Carl Crawford and a prospect to the Marlins for Hanley Ramirez and Heath Bell is something that Bob NIghtengale is suggesting is in the works that doesn't make the least bit of sense. Carl Crawford, a truckload of money and all the Red Sox prospects for Hanley Ramirez makes sense, but other than that this is just ridiculous. I've read …

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OV Contest mid-season update

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At the beginning of the season we started an over/under contest that would take wouldn't reveal a winner until the end of the season.  People chose whether a player would end the season over or under his projections. Under was a bit confusing for pitchers and I made that clear in the post. If you thought the pitcher was going …

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Our Dreamhost Review (they suck!)

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A few months ago we noticed during our busiest times the site would slow down considerably resulting in the occasional error. It became clear that our VPS (virtual private server) would no longer suffice. We were in need of a dedicated server, but we're not generating all that much money in ad revenue so the cost of the server is …

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Site may be offline this weekend

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We just wanted to let you know that we are changing hosts as Dreamhost has been one fail after another since we joined. We'll be making the move this weekend so I wanted to let you know that you'll probably encounter some weirdness. It takes 1 to 48 hours for new domain nameservers to propagate. What this means is that …

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This is a year

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A year ago today we joined together to start Obstructed View. We could write about our individual thoughts over the last year, but a blog is a community. We've published over 730 articles and there have been more than 85,000 comments left on them. Your participation makes this much more enjoyable for us. So thanks and we hope you keep …

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Obstructed View on WordPress

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We're now using WordPress as our blogging platform. The comments component we used on Joomla had not been updated even though multiple new versions of Joomla had been released. The service for it had become close to non-existent so it was time to move on. This site has an active community and we enjoyed having the "refresh comment" link at …