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DFP 1-12-30: He Saw It All

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In Peace Henry Widegren was the rarest of Cubs fans. A lot of people can say they’re the biggest fan or the craziest fan or the fan least likely to succeed (I’m not sure why people would say such things, but they can without any real basis for dispute), but Henry could boast of something few people alive can compare with: …

DFP: The Friday Five, 1-27-12

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  Top Ten Signs the Cubs Might Contend This Year The Cubs aren’t that good. They were bad last year, and they haven’t taken any dramatic steps forward this offseason. They haven’t even taken very many marginally impressive steps forward. Baby steps maybe? LMFAO shuffling steps, perhaps, but this train ain’t pulling out of Losing-Season Station anytime soon. Case in …

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Daily Facepalm | 1.25.12

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Site news: at some point today we'll be moving from Joomla to WordPress. The site should not be down too long, but it will be down at some point. Once the site transfer is complete, registered users will have to click the lost password link in order to retrieve their password. You'll notice the change. International news Yoenis Cespides is …

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DFP: Brett’s Number 5

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Cinco City Brett Jackson is the number 5 OF prospect in all of baseball, according to's rankings. also ranked two guys in the Cubs system, newly acquired Anthony Rizzo and Dan Vogelbach, as the number 1 and number 10 1B prospects. In related news: MLB is ranking prospects. Of what value is this to anyone beyond good PR? …

Daily Facepalm

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New Feature Since the proliferation of blogworthy Cubs news and content seemingly never ceases to exceed the capacity of this blog and threatens to overwhelm the bandwidth of even the most casual Cubs fan, we here at the Obstructed View corporate offices decided it was time to have a daily dump of Cubs crap bulletin of Cubs-related goodness and general …