Daily Shrug Random Hot Stove Open Thread Edition

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David Ross is rumored to be the new Cubs manager, according to anonymous sources attending the press conference introducing him as the new Cubs manager. Lester Strode is out as bullpen coach, which bothers Bruce Miles. Word is he was offered a different position with the team. You should probably take a drink every time you shrug while reading Cubs …

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Yearly Facepalm – 10/16/18

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Chili Davis is gone. It appears that like offensive coordinators for the Bears or Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, nobody can last more than a year in this position. The Cubs fired John Mallee because Chili Davis was an “all-star coordinator,” and then fired him because he led the Cubs from the all-star talent level to the dumpster in …

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The Scrap Heap

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I thought about making this a daily facepalm post, but the 'daily' in it stretches the incredulity even beyond our level of discreditedness. So I have revived its predecessor instead. Cubs Hires I had been waiting for the Cubs to hire Jim Hickey as the new pitching coach to write a new post, but they took something like four weeks …

OV Sesquiannual Facepalm 11.18.15: Cubs opening a hardware store

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Cubs pulling in some serious hardware In a move that shocked no one outside a few BFIB and Edinson Volquez backers, Kris Bryant was the unanimous winner of the NL Rookie of the Year award. Joe Maddon won the Manager of the Year award, and the only disappointment was that he was live at his bar for the announcement rather than …

Daily Facepalm, 10.14.2015 – Random NLDS Championship Observations

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(dying laughing) at the Oakland Athletics twitter account for posting this video last night. .@kschwarb12's home run just landed… in Oakland. @Cubs @MLB https://t.co/62SVMxsQ9H — Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) October 13, 2015 The Cubs are in the NLCS. They defeated the Cardinals. When it mattered. This is not a drill.   We sing the praises of Thoyer and Joe, but we …

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Daily Facepalm 4.2.15 – Roofing, boarding, framing, we do everything

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Rooftops fighting a losing battle Rulings have started happening on the roofies’ lawsuit against the Cubs, and it’s looking good for the team. Brett dusted off his lawyer hat (wig?) to take a look at the ruling. Here’s my precis of his precis of the ruling: the rooftops are fucked. There’s still plenty more rodeo to go on here but …

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Daily Facepalm 4.1.15 – Roster taking shape

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  This week’s cuts Lake, Schlitter, and Rosscup were sent to AAA today. This follows the much more ballyhooed cuts earlier this week of Bryant and Russell (both expected) and Baez (a little unexpected). I was on team Baez-to-AAA but was definitely in the minority in that among the Cubs Twittersphere. He’s 22, it’s not like this is ending his …

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Daily Facepalm 3.26.15

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Kris Bryant ——> LF (today) Bryant heads to LF for the first time this spring. I think the Cubs would have liked to have this happen earlier, but he had some shoulder fatigue, probably from hitting so many HRs. Bryant played some OF in college and it’s not like LF is that tough a position to learn, I’m guessing it …

Daily Facepalm/Game Thread 3.11.15

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Back to Back to Back Your browser does not support iframes. Brett cooked up some odds on this happening Even if we generously say each of the three would normally homer in 1 out of 15 plate appearances (that’s a 40-homer pace in 600 plate appearances), the odds that the three would go back-to-back-to-back is 1 in 3,375. There was a …