MLB Future Power Rankings (ESPN)

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Cubs in a landslide.  The Cubs arrived a year earlier than expected, and they're not going away any time soon. This offseason they'll put the finishing touches on what should be a championship-caliber club in 2016. Team president Epstein and GM Jed Hoyer are committed to building a strong rotation after Arrieta and Jon Lester this offseason to improve their playoff chances, …

Castro: Ramirez Called Me After Benching

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Despite the fact that many Cubs fans (and mustachioed commentators) love to hate Starlin Castro in the same, definitely-not-racist-at-all way they hated Aramis Ramirez, they're two of my favorite players. So I got a little emotional when I read that Aramis reached out to encourage Starlin after his demotion to the very deep Chicago Cubs bench. I love what Ramirez …

The 2015 Chicago Cubs: This Won’t Be a Nice Season

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2015 had a chance of being a feel-good season for the Chicago Cubs, but that can’t happen now. Back when Kris Bryant was making a long-shot case for an All-Star berth and Kyle Schwarber was pretending he could destroy American League pitching when given the chance to DH, Near the end of July, the Cubs were 5 games over .500, …

Kris Bryant Grand Slam

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Your browser does not support iframes. Kris Bryant's 9th-inning HR was calculated at 452 feet, the 3rd-longest HR at Progressive Field since 2009 — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) June 18, 2015

OV Fantasy Baseball 2015 discussion

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Fantasy Baseball was what turned me from a casual baseball fan into the fan I am today (with some help from Sammy Sosa), but I lost interest in it 5-6 years ago. Daily lineups, the long season, and relatively large┬árosters (compared to FFL) led to way more micromanaging than I had time for, and the only thing I really cared …

Cubs Playoff Windows in 2014

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If you follow any Cubs blogger on twitter, you’re almost certain to have come across the following stat in the past 7 weeks: “Ever since <date>, the Cubs have been <record that is close to .500>!” That’s cool, but I want to take it one step further. I want to find the dates that satisfy this criteria: If the season …

Your chance to be Robin Williams

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Last year, Brett of Bleacher Nation did a great thing. He blogged for 36 straight hours in the name of charity, all in the name of a pledge drive to Make-A-Wish Illinois. All told, he raised $12,451, all on the backs of kind Cubs fans everywhere. To put that into perspective, that would buy 458 full-sized banana costumes. Instead of …

Cubs 10th in BP’s “Top Talents 25-and-under” list

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I won't print the whole list because it's pay only (seriously, get a subscription already). I will, however, show the NL Central. 1. St. Louis Cardinals (fuck) 4. Pittsburgh Pirates (fuck) 10. Chicago Cubs 23. Cincinnati Reds 29. Milwaukee Brewers A few thoughts: Fuck, are the Cardinals good. They are #1 with a bullet; compounding the problem is the fact …