BP Wrigleyville with a great Wildcard preview

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So that’s what Cole’s been up to. Before we go much deeper in hitter-by-hitter analysis, though, I think we can narrow things down just a bit. Jackson has never faced Cole, has a .655 OPS against right-handed pitchers in 2015, and until his last two games has really struggled in a Cubs uniform. He’s a quality defensive outfielder, though, so it makes more sense for the Cubs to have him on the bench, ready to pinch-hit against a lefty or be a defensive replacement late in the game. Denorfia, meanwhile, has a .686 OPS against right-handed pitchers over the course of his career, and—speaking more broadly—isn’t even a lock to make the postseason roster at this point. I think he’ll probably make the final cut, but Maddon hasn’t started Deno often during the regular season and I don’t think he’ll change that now. — BP Wrigleyville

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  1. Suburban kid

    I like his lineup, even down to sacrificing defense in the OF to get Schwarber in for his bat and Baez in for his glove. Schwarb in PNC LF is scary, but with Jake on the mound hardly any long fly balls will be hit out there hopefully.

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  2. Suburban kid


    I thought about that, it’s possible.

    Re: batting 9th, I think Joe has put the pitcher 9th when it’s a starter he expects to go deep in the game. I could be wrong about that though.

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  3. berselius

    Suburban kid:

    idk as far as I can see, Cole has a slight reverse split. Also, Baez for defense in a potentially low scoring game.

    Just my 200 zlotys

    How dare you check the numbers rather than accept my assertions at face value. There’s no way that I’m just repeating what I heard on Brett/Sahadev’s podcast about Cole (dying laughing).

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  4. berselius


    It’s probably about a wash – righties have a higher wOBA against him this year, but paradoxically he has a lower FIP against them as well. For his career the wOBAs are about the same, though he’s still tougher on righties by FIP.

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