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Jason Parks has published his top 10 Cubs prospects list with scouting reports and it's fairly impressive. I'll only quote Baez's future potential since it's a subscription site. 

Baez might lack Buxton’s overall athleticism or Bogaerts’ polish, but the 21-year-old Puerto Rican might have the highest offensive ceiling of any player in the minors, a potential middle-of-the-order force capable of hitting for average and obnoxious game power. While he’s no longer a true boom-or-bust prospect, Baez carries more risk than the average high-end prospect with Double-A experience because of the extreme projections on his tools and the balls-to-the-wall approach he often brings to all sides of the game. As Baez matures and adds more patience at the plate and more confidence in the field, he should develop into one of the game’s elite players, a left-side infielder (short or third) with an offensive attack that some scouts project to achieve Miguel Cabrera-level heights, an extreme comparison but one that his elite bat speed and power potential could make a reality if everything clicks.

Parks has mentioned the Miguel Cabrera comp a few times and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. In the minors, Cabrera struck out much less frequently and walked more than Baez did. To be fair, Baez showed more power, so the comp is only legitimate if you expect Baez to cut down on the strikeouts and walk more. I'm not sure I do. I think a big part of the reason he has so much power is he goes all out on his swing and cutting down on that will hurt his power. We should see Baez at some point in 2014. 

The list:

  1. Javier Baez
  2. Kris Bryant
  3. Albert Almora
  4. Jorge Soler
  5. C.J. Edwards
  6. Arismendy Alcantara
  7. Pierce Johnson
  8. Dan Vogelbach
  9. Christian Villanueva
  10. Jeimer Candelario

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  1. SVB, apparently younger than more than SK

    Late to the game, but a few random thoughts on Wrigley….

    1. I used to live in Michigan close enough to make an outing once or twice a year to Wrigley, I’d always have a few friends and acquaintances that would go, “Just to see Wrigley.” So I guess I think it does serve in some sense as a tourist attraction. The party atmosphere of the city helped too. They usually only went once. I guess it keeps the attendance floor up. I suppose Wrigley’s prospect rating is like a 5C.

    2. I think the Rickettses have totally bombed the whole renovation thing because they are small-minded about it. The entire upper deck and all the seating needs to be removed and they need to start over. They should look at what Pittsburgh did in PNC park and emulate as much of that as possible, even though PNC was a ground-up build and not a retrofit. THIS, of all things, makes me upset with the Cubs ownership. (But in the last few days, you guys have mentioned a lot of other stupid stuff they have done…)

    3. The rooftops are small ball. They could easier find some friends to buy out a few of them and divide and conquer. Honestly, for all the dirty pool Joe Ricketts can play in politics, how is it they can’t figure it out on Waveland?

    4. Detroit moved from Tiger Stadium which was a massive dump. It made Wrigley seem like the gleaming palace of Qatar. They moved a few miles closer to downtown and took fairly little public money, as I recall. They didn’t really move to where the people or money was, because the people in Detroit don’t have money. But they did move to the casino/theatre district, so it was seen as an attractive and safe-ish place to go. The new stadium also included some major infrastructure improvements, which makes getting in and out of town easier. (So did Pittsburgh.) The Cubs could move to another city location.

    5. I’ve seen the Cubs a number of times in Wrigley, and more times (total) in Riverfront, PNC, Camden Yards, Turner, and Comerica. Getting to the game, and being in the stadium is a better experience at all of those places except Turner. Parking at Turner mostly requires walking over 8 lanes or so of highway (on a bridge) which I don’t like, especially with a little kid. When I’m seated in the upper deck between home and third watching a game, I like Wrigley better, because it is a better baseball experience. So Wrigley +1 viewing baseball and history, about even on neighborhood for all but Turner, everyone else +1000 on everything else (amenities, ease of access, etc.).

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    dmick89, Sweatpants Guru

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