Anthony Rizzo: MVP Candidate?

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Let’s start this article by talking about Kyle Schwarber. Schwarber is awesome, and this year he’s put up a .275/.373/.558 line. That’s really good, and a .931 OPS/153 wRC+ is good for 10th among all hitters in baseball with 160 PA. Incredible, right? Well, Anthony Rizzo is 9th. That’s right: as incredible as Schwarber has performed this season, Rizzo has been …

To Catch a Cardinal

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The Cubs are 7 losses clear of the Giants and 6 losses away from the Cardinals. In a very real sense, the Cubs are closer to the division than they are to falling out of the Wild Card. However, that doesn’t mean that the Cubs are really all that close to getting there. BP has the Cubs at 4.7% to …

The Cubs Rookie of the Year

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It’s been an awesome year to be a Cubs fan, especially if you plan on being a Cubs fan in the future. They are pretty good and pretty fun. What’s more, they are crazily young. Soler, Bryant, Russell, and Schwarber are ALL eligible for Rookie of the Year. Any of the 4 could belong in the discussion. Put them together, …

6/17/15 Game Thread (Cubs @ Indians)

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For old times sake, we are going to do a game thread for tonight’s game. Schwarber’s first start. Cubs Lineup Fowler, CF Rizzo, 1B Bryant, 3B Coghlan, LF Castro, SS Schwarber, DH Denorfia, RF Ross, C Russell, 2B Indians Lineup Kipnis, 2B Lindor, SS Brantley, CF Santana, 1B Raburn, DH Gomes, C Moss, RF Urshela, 3B Aviles, LF

The Cardinals are in a loooooooooot of trouble

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The Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI for hacking into the Astros. My professional opinion: hahahahahaahahahahhahahaha More on this to come. From Tim:

Cubs Call Up Kyle Schwarber

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It’s not Chris Cotillo breaking the news, but it’s close:   Congrats to my bash brother @kschwarb12 on the call to the show. Gonna miss my boy but couldn’t be more happy for a better dude. Go ball out — Daniel Vogelbach (@DanielVogelbach) June 16, 2015 This is obviously pretty epic news. The first thought is the correct one – …

Cubs 2, Reds 1 (6/14/15)

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OSS: Castro puts yesterday’s game on repeat. Three Up 1. How can it not be Starlin Castro? He went 3-5 with the game winning double single (he never touched second, too busy celebrating), and he looks to be turning the corner nicely. This lineup goes from pretty good to pretty great when Castro is hitting, and right now, he’s hitting. …

Ian Happ profile

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With the 9th pick in the draft the Cubs selected Ian Happ, 2B/LF out of the University of Cincinnati. Who is he, really? The first thing to note is that he’s a junior. It’s possible that he could go back to school and come out again just next year, but I find it very unlikely. Not only are there no …

MLB Draft is today

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In perhaps the best sign yet that the Cubs are respectable, not one shit has been given as to where the Cubs might draft in 2016. A 73-win campaign has given the Cubs the #9 spot in today’s draft, which is widely considered one of the weakest in recent memory. I won’t pretend that I know anything about who will …

The Cubs’ Bright Spot

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After a nice little run to start the season, the Cubs have come back to Earth somewhat. It’s been a tough stretch, going just .500 over the last 30 games and losing 6 of the last 10 (to very good teams, mind you). I know that I thought the Cubs would definitely score runs, and that they just wouldn’t have …