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Saying Goodbye to the 2015 Cubs is Hard

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As I sat and watched the second through ninth innings of Game 4 where the end of the Cubs 2015 season had pretty much already been decided after the first inning, I tried to appreciate the small moments we still had left with this team. I clapped along to Starlin's walk-up music each time he came up, knowing we might never hear …

Paul Sullivan is Pissy, Theo Rules All

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The Cubs are about to clinch a spot in the post-season. They still have a shot at winning more games than the 1984 and 2008 teams that were the best teams of my lifetime. And they're doing it ahead of schedule. Everyone should be in a pretty good mood, right? Shockingly, Paul Sullivan has been stewing for 10 months and …

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6/18/15 Game Thread (Cubs v. Indians)

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Here we go again. Our game thread may or may not have contributed to the 17-0 destruction of the Cleveland Indians last night. It’s hard to say. If Al’s hats have some sort of bearing on the fortune of this team, surely the 165th best and most discredited Cubs blog’s first game thread in ages could also be a factor. So …

Paul & Deadspin, the Cubs Threw Out Your Crap Narrative

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We all know the Cubs don’t have the most sparkling reputation. I’ve spent the better part of my internet life mocking the Cubs for both epic failures on the field and hilarious escapades off the field. I won’t even bother listing all the ways the Cubs have provided entertainment of an embarrassing nature and just say that if one was …

Cubs Blogger Loses His Sandwich and Mind Over Cubs Latest Dick Move

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The Cubs have finally pushed Alvin beyond the brink of what he can accept. He can accept years and years and years of a sucky team with no real plan in place to ever change that. He can accept that his seat 400 feet away from home plate now costs as much or more than seats that don’t require binoculars …

2015 Cubs Baseball is Coming

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Pitchers and catchers report for the Cubs in three days. Based on tweets from Carrie Muskat, it looks like quite a few players are already in Mesa: Need a shot of spring? Lester, Wood, Motte, Arrieta doing drills. #Cubs — Carrie Muskat (@CarrieMuskat) February 16, 2015 Bryant, Szczur, Lopez, Russell prep for BP. #Cubs — Carrie Muskat (@CarrieMuskat) …

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Cubs Nation Says Farewell to Mr. Cub

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Ernie Banks’ career had just ended when I was born, so I never had the pleasure of seeing him play and I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but nevertheless he will always be the first player I think about when you say “Chicago Cubs.” Ernie transcended his accomplishments on the field and that was not an easy thing …

Post-Convention Post

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Another Cubs Convention is in the books and the Cubs did their usual nice job of building the embers of hope into an actual flame. This is a time when Cubs fans get to speak and they did not disappoint. The first THREE questions from fans weren’t even questions, but statements thanking and praising the Ricketts more than they ever have …