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When posting something to Unobstructed Views, you really only need to know a few things. Most of it is self-explantory. The buttons on the editor are helpful and if you scroll over one of them it will tell you what it does.

Linking: Highlight the text you want to turn into a link and then click on the link icon on the toolbar that has a green plus sign. It’s on the bottom row, third from the right. You’ll get a popup and then it’s pretty easy to figure out at that point. To unlink something, click on the broken link icon on the toolbar (to the right of the link icon).

Quoting: Highlight the text you want to quote and then under the Format dropdown (dropdown on the top right that says paragraph), click it and then select blockquote.

Tags: the article must be saved first to add tags. Once you publish the article you can access it by clicking on the Unobstructed Views menu item. From there you’ll see an Add Tags link below the article. Click on that and enter your tag. No reason to capitalize as it will do it automatically. To add multiple tags, separate each tag with a comma. For example, say you want to have tags for Cubs, Cubs lose and Cubs suck. You’d enter cubs, cubs lose, cubs suck

Spacing: Hitting return or enter on your keyboard creates a new paragraph so you only need to hit the button once.

Most of the icons on the editor you’ll never use. Scroll over any of them and you’ll know what each does. Currently the editor is too large and the sidebar overlaps it. That will be fixed eventually as we roll out an improved template in the near future.

IMPORTANT: Do not first type your post into Microsoft Word and then copy it into the editor. A whole bunch of code you didn’t intend to include will be copied over along with the text. It’s just a mess. If you like to write your post first and then copy into the editor, use a basic Text Editor. For Windows users, Notepad is fantastic for this. For Mac users, Text/Edit works just fine. There are other apps available. Just don’t use Microsoft Word. Oddly enough, you can copy/paste from Excel if you have a table in a spreadsheet that you want to publish. That works fine, but not from Word.

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