A look at the Cubs rest of season rotation *UPDATED*

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I was taking a look at how many days of rest Jake Arrieta may have come October 7th if the rotation stays on schedule. The Cubs are likely to play in Pittsburgh that day. I was curious whether or not Joe Maddon would have to tweak the rotation a bit down the stretch, but it appears he’s already done his homework. I recall the last time a change was made to the rotation it was rumored it had to do with the possibility of that play-in game, but I was skeptical and too lazy to look closely at it. Plus, there are always the possibilities of rainouts so plans are tentative at best.

9/2 Reds Hammel
9/4 Diamondbacks Lester
9/5 Diamondbacks Arrieta
9/6 Diamondbacks Hendricks
9/7 @ Cardinals Haren
9/8 @ Cardinals Hammel
9/9 @ Cardinals Lester
9/10 @ Phillies Arrieta
9/11 @ Phillies Hendricks
9/12 @ Phillies Haren
9/13 @ Phillies Hammel
9/15 @ Pirates Lester
9/15 @ Pirates Arrieta
9/16 @ Pirates Hendricks
9/17 @ Pirates Haren
9/18 Cardinals Hammel
9/19 Cardinals Lester
9/20 Cardinals Arrieta
9/21 Brewers Hendricks
9/22 Brewers Haren
9/23 Brewers Hammel
9/25 Pirates Lester
9/26 Pirates Arrieta
9/27 Pirates Hendricks
9/28 Royals Haren
9/29 @ Reds Hammel
9/30 @ Reds Lester
10/1 @ Reds Arrieta
10/2 @ Brewers Hendricks
10/3 @ Brewers Haren
10/4 @ Brewers Hammel

If the Cubs rotation stays on schedule, Lester and Arrieta are set to open the 4-game series in Pittsburgh in a couple weeks. They’d have to play well against the Pirates in these 7 remaining games if they’re to catch them, which looks very unlikely. Still, if they can win the two with Lester and Arrieta and earn a split in the double-header, that would be a good start. They then have the Lester and Arrieta opening the series against the Pirates at home beginning on the 25th.

More importantly, both Lester and Arrieta will be plenty rested for that October 7th game, assuming they make it there. I don’t think there will be any debate as to who starts that game, but both pitchers will be available. Maddon would of course prefer to hold Lester until Game 1 of the LDS.

I’m not as lose and die as Adam is about the rest of the season, but I’m not as lose and laugh as berselius is either. I know it’s going to be difficult to catch the Pirates and that the October 7th game is more than likely Cubs vs. Pirates and has been for some time. I’d still like the Cubs to do anything between now and then that can increase their chances of winning that game against Pittsburgh. So it kind of pisses me off when the Cubs do stupid shit, but it doesn’t piss me off like it used to. I’m over it in a second or two these days. It still irritates me though.

UPDATE: It was pointed out that the double-header on the 15th will force a rotation change. I had made a mental note to correct for that, but forgot to. Due to the off days following the final game of the regular season, Lester and Arrieta will still be plenty rested for the game against the Pirates on October 7th.

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