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Dave Sappelt went 0-4. 


Matt Szczur went 1-4 with a double and has raised his average in AA to .230. Nick Struck allowed 1 run over 6 IP while striking out 6. 

Daytona Game 1

Everybody sucked balls.

Daytona Game 2

Frank Del Valle struck out 4 in 6 scoreless innings. Nobody on offense scored. 


Jefferey Antigua struck out 4 in 3.1 IP. Its been a really weird year for Antigua. He had almost a strikeout per IP last year in Daytona and started this season in AA. He posted decent numbers there as well striking out 40 in 40 and then for some reason was sent all the way back down to Peoria. I blame Obama. Bijan Radenmacher was 1-3 with a RBI and BB.


Albert Almora celebrated his promotion with a HR and another hit. With Almora in the fold the Boise lineup is about as stacked as I have ever seen a Cubs affiliate. Rock Shoulders was 1-4 and hit a monster shot for his 8th HR of the year. KG was saying last night that there was no no no no no way Amaya gets top 100 consideration and I just don't see why not. There aren't that many 19 year old middle infielders with an OPS of .900 out there but whatever he's the "expert". 


Shawon Dunston was 1-3 with a walk. That's about it.

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    New instructions: write the post the same as you always do. When you’re done, click on the HTML tab (two tabs, Visual, HTML) and copy and paste the code I sent at the top of everything you’ve written. Or you can ignore it and I’ll add it.

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    @ Berselius:
    I thought Josh put it best in the last thread:

    I’m utterly apathetic about Crane Kenney. I just don’t care one way or another. Too much energy put into worrying about a nobody.

    Crane Kenney’s impact on the Cubs baseball team isn’t too much greater than the impact any of us have had.

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