2011 Cubs Payroll

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Updated on 3-27-2011

Personal Information Contract 2011 Projection
Name DOB B/T POS 2011 2012 2013 2014 IP FIP WAR
Justin Berg 6/7/84 R/R RP

Alberto Cabrera 10/25/08 R/R RP

Esmailin Caridad 10/28/83 R/R RP

Andrew Cashner 9/11/86 R/R SP

Casey Coleman 7/3/87 L/R SP

Ryan Dempster 5/3/77 R/R SP 13.5 14

Thomas Diamond 4/6/83 R/R RP

Rafael Dolis 1/10/88 R/R SP

Matt Garza 11/26/83 R/R SP 5.9 Arb3 Arb4

John Gaub 4/28/85 R/L RP

John Grabow 11/4/78 L/L RP 4.8

Scott Maine 2/2/85 L/L RP

Carlos Marmol 10/14/82 R/R RP 3.2 7 9.8

Sean Marshall 8/30/82 L/L RP 1.6 3.1

Marcos Mateo 4/18/84 R/R RP

James Russell 1/8/86 L/L RP

Jeff Samardzija 1/23/85 R/R WR 2.8

Carlos Silva 4/23/79 R/R SP 8

Kyle Smit 10/14/87 R/R RP

Jeff Stevens 9/5/83 R/R RP

Randy Wells 8/28/82 R/R SP

Kerry Wood 6/16/77 R/R RP 1.5

Carlos Zambrano 6/1/81 S/R SP 17.9 18

Name DOB B/T POS 2011 2012 2013 2014 PA wOBA WAR
Welington Castillo 4/24/87 R/R C

Koyie Hill 3/9/79 S/R C 0.9 Arb3

Max Ramirez 10/11/84 R/R C

Geovany Soto 1/20/83 R/R C 3.0 Arb2 Arb3

Jeff Baker 6/21/81 R/R 2B 1.2

Darwin Barney 6/21/81 R/R SS

Starlin Castro 3/24/90 R/R SS

Blake DeWitt 8/20/85 L-R 2B

Carlos Pena 5/17/78 L/L 1B 5

Aramis Ramirez 6/25/78 R/R 3B 14.6 16

Marlon Byrd 8/30/77 R/R CF 5.5 6.5

Tyler Colvin 9/5/85 L/L CF

Kosuke Fukudome 4/26/77 L/R RF 13.5

Fernando Perez 4/23/83 R/R OF

Alfonso Soriano 1/7/76 R/R RF 18 18 18 18

The Cubs have $106.3 million in guaranteed salary for 2011 so far.  They also have 6 more arbitration eligible players.  The Cubs already settled with Jeff Baker.  Garza is likely to get around $6 million, Soto about $3 million, Gorzelanny about $2, Marshall about $2, Marmol about $3 and Koyie Hill will probably get $1 million.  That’s $123.3 million.  That may be estimating on the low side.  It’s quite possible Garza gets $7 million while Soto gets about $4 and I could easily see Marshall getting $3 million while Marmol gets a bit more than that.  So just say $123-127 million plus the auto-renewal players plus the non-active players.  The auto-renewal players make league minimum, which is $400,000.  The Cubs have 7 spots open on the 25-man roster so at a minimum, that’s 7 auto-renewal players.  That’s a total of $2.8 million.  The non-active players make $50,000 and there are of course 15 of the.  That’s $.8  million.

The Cubs payroll as of today is between $127 and $132 million.

UPDATE, 1-12: Koyie Hill avoided arbitration by signing for $850,000.

UPDATE, 1-14: Geovany Soto avoided arbitration by signing for $3 million.

UPDATE, 1-18: Cubs traded Tom Gorzelanny on 1-17 for 3 prospects (Michael Burgess, A.J. Morris, and Graham Hicks), signed Sean Marshall to a 2-year deal for $4.7 million on 1-18 and also signed Matt Garza for 1 year and $5.95 million on the same day.

UPDATE, 2-14: Cubs signed Carlos Marmol to a 3-year contract for $20 million.  Analysis of the signing included looking at Hendry’s problems with signing relievers over the years, the Cubs expectation that he remain nearly as good as he’s been, a look at his FIP, ERA, SIERA and xFIP, and the present value of his contract.

UPDATE, 3-27: Carlos Silva did not make the opening day roster and will either be traded or released. It’s unlikely the Cubs find a taker for Silva so they’re going to be paying about $5.6 million assuming some team picks him up for cheap. If not, they’d pay $6 million.

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